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The Reach Higher programme

You may be a current Reach Higher student or you may be thinking about applying. You’ll find an overview of the programme below.

Reach Higher is a three-part programme which has already helped dozens of students reach world-class universities. It is completely free and is led by some of the leading teachers and academics in the country.

At present, only students from our partner schools are eligible for Reach Higher. We work with a limited number of schools, as we aim to form meaningful and productive partnerships with those institutions. If you think your school might be interested, ask a member of staff to contact us at . If you have other queries, try our FAQ page, or email .

Part 1: ‘Big Ideas’

Residential at Westminster School, Central London

The Big Ideas residential was truly fantastic. I cannot express in so few words the immense gratitude I have for giving me the opportunity, the encouragement and the self-belief I needed.
Spending the week with other candidates was something that made the residential so special. It was both enlightening and heartwarming to be surrounded by incredibly academic people who were humble, kindhearted and who I shared many interests with; they were just like me.
The teaching was demanding and thorough and incredibly taxing academically, but it was also incredibly enjoyable and thought provoking. No matter who the person we met to speak with and no matter their background, we were always encouraged by them to be the best we can be and to never stop thinking, and as such this message was instilled as a motto for the whole Institute.

2016-17 Linacre student

Part 2: ‘Stepping Stones to World-Class Universities’

Residential at Trinity Hall, Cambridge

I found the residential to again be another fantastic week. The teaching sessions were extremely challenging and tough but were done in a way that made me feel as though I was able to keep up with the pace. The interview practice has not only given me a greater confidence for the Cambridge admissions assessments but has also given me targeted feedback on how to improve for the actual interviews. The residential has made it seem to me as though studying at Cambridge is within my grasp rather than simply an idea that is more or less unachievable.

2016-17 Linacre student

Part 3: ‘Phone a Friend’

Skype tuition from a subject expert

I can honestly say that Linacre has been the best experience of my life and it continues to support me long after the summer. The ongoing tutor system has been the most supportive part. In my AS results I scraped a C in Physics. Then I was introduced to my tutor – she is my Physics guardian angel! With her guidance and help my confidence has grown exponentially. I’m proud to say I’m now consistently getting As.