Programmes - Reach Higher - FAQ

Can anyone apply for Reach Higher?

Sorry, no. We work with partner schools and only students from those schools are eligible.

Why? That doesn’t seem very fair

We don’t take open applications because of our commitment to work in long-term partnership with schools. Our goal is to build expertise within those schools. Other excellent schemes do accept applications from anyone at a state school. These include Oxford University’s Uniq programme, the Sutton Trust summer schools and the Eton College Universities Summer School. Or you could also ask your school to contact us on

What sort of students do you select?

If you often find yourself asking ‘why’, like figuring out how things work and are intellectually curious, you are exactly the kind of student we want. Not every student we select considers themselves to be one of the best students in their year. We have taken students with no A*s at GCSE. Broadly, you need to have at least 3 or 4 As at GCSE to be a strong candidate.

How do you select students?

We ask your teachers how you’re doing and ask you to do a short logical-thinking test. This should not scare you! We have selected students who have done very badly on it in the past, if they have done well in other areas. We then do a short, friendly interview in which we will ask you some questions that make you think. We are not looking for perfect answers – and in many cases there aren’t any.

How much does it cost?


Do you only select students from certain types of background?

No. All students at our partner schools are eligible.