Programmes - Linacre Partner Schools

In effect, Linacre Partner Schools gain a team of first-class in-house experts to drive ambition and excellence for able sixth-formers – especially in helping them reach our most selective universities – all at a tiny fraction of the cost of appointing a dedicated member of staff.

Our work has been called “beyond outstanding” and we have a five-year record of demonstrated success. Several Partner Schools have posted record results, both in terms of student performance and university destinations.

Why become a Linacre Partner School?

What students do after sixth-form is being looked at more closely than ever. Firstly, by students and parents choosing sixth-forms in an ferocious market. And secondly by Ofsted, who make it clear that they will be examining “information about the destinations of those leaving the sixth form, to check the extent to which provision meets the needs of all groups of students”.

In a separate report, Ofsted say they are looking especially closely at:

Why we can help

Linacre is uniquely positioned to help schools shine in these areas.

Our partnership with Westminster School – which sends a higher proportion of students to leading universities than anyone in the UK – means we know what excellence looks like.

Our people and teachers have almost all walked the path from state comprehensives to world-class universities themselves, and know the balance of reassurance and challenge needed to help others follow.

And we have a proven programme with an outstanding record of success.

What Partner Schools provides


The annual fee for Partner Schools is £500. We then charge £350 per Reach Higher place - or about a sixth of the cost price. We work hard to keep costs to schools as low as we can. We are confident we offer excellent value.


If you are interested, please contact with:

None of this has to be hugely detailed and don’t worry if bits of it are not available.


Our latest Partner School this summer said:

We’ve ended up posting record results (looking like the best any school in our authority has ever managed at A level) so our Reach Higher students have been a really great beacon for what ended up as a fantastic year group! I can’t express enough how delighted I am that we started working with you in that year (I have cold sweats thinking about if we hadn’t!)

Places as partner schools come up only infrequently and no school has ever left the programme.