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2018 students' final university choices - well done!

July 2019

Congratulations to all our 2018 students who have just completed their A-level exams. They all now have to wait until August to find out their results, but these are their final firm university choices. We’re very proud of them all.

As you can see it’s been an amazing year for our students. We want to say a huge well done to all of them for their achievements. 20 out of our 31 students are hoping to go to a top 12 UK university (judged by entry standard). We had a record number of Oxbridge offers this year and all but one UK university on the above list is a Russell Group university.

We are also incredibly proud of one student who intends to study at Swarthmore College in America, a highly selective liberal arts college near Philadelphia. It is ranked consistently in the top 10 for the best liberal arts college in the US, as well as for undergraduate teaching and value.

It’s fair to say this year’s cohort have done themselves proud and we’re all hoping results day reflects all their hard work and commitment. All that’s left to do is wish them good luck!

University Students
Cambridge 7*
Durham 4
Newcastle 3*
York 3
Edinburgh 2
Oxford 2
Warwick 2
Bath 1
Imperial 1
Loughborough 1
Nottingham 1
Swarthmore College, Penn, USA 1^
Medical School in Prague 1*
Reapplying for Medicine 1*
Total 31

* - Includes a medic
^ Student turned down Cambridge offer