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Early success for Linacre 2016 students

November 2016

Less than eight weeks after sending off their applications, almost all of Linacre’s 2016 students have already won offers from the UK’s dozen most academically demanding universities.

The 24 students have already won many offers from Durham, Edinburgh, Bristol and others.

All at Linacre would like to take the chance to say a huge well done!

Twenty-two students are also now awaiting the outcome of applications to Oxford and Cambridge. In the past, half of the charity’s applicants have been offered places - a success rate matching any school in the country.

Our fingers are very much crossed for you all!

The UK’s 12 leading universities, ranked by average entrance standards

What our students said...

I cannot express in so few words the immense gratitude and respect I have for the Institute for giving me the opportunity, the encouragement and the self-belief I needed

I now feel much more capable of applying to higher universities. I never would have considered it before

Certainly fulfilled the mission set out in its name. Diverse in-depth teaching delivered by impassioned tutors

The experiences that I had, such as the House of Lords trip, I will never forget

It has been humbling to be learning from experts and successful ex-Linacre participants

Since ‘Big Ideas’ ended, I’ve been truly motivated to pursuing competitive universities

The teaching was brilliant … The location, content, and staff made this a fantastic trip

It was both enlightening and heartwarming to be surrounded by incredibly academic people who were humble, kindhearted and who I shared many interests with

I have now begun to consider new career prospects, from journalism to the civil service.

No matter who the person we met and no matter their background, we were always encouraged by them to be the best we can be and to never stop thinking

I think I am running out of things to say … I shall never forget this fantastic experience