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Kayden Xie

November 2018

Second year at Homerton College, Cambridge reading Natural Sciences.

“So apart from the sleep deprivation, I’m doing well! I’m taking Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Cell & Developmental Biology, and Pharmacology this year, which I’m enjoying. Apart from that, I’m on the Cambridge University Expeditions Society (CUEX) committee this year as Treasurer. David Attenborough used to be an alumni and I found out it was the world’s oldest expeditions society, so that persuaded me to join last year and have been persuading freshers to join since then. Expeditions societies at Oxbridge largely have been diminishing, so a lot of effort has been made to ensure we give student interests a real boost. We’ve had some amazing speakers so far in the term, including Jake Meyer and a Physiology Lecturer, and we’ve had some really positive reviews and really good turn outs. This year, I’m also the Homerton College NatSci Subject Rep (making subject/fresher guides, guided walks, helping to organise subject social events...) and one of the College’s RAG Reps. Recently, as part of RAG, I’ve been involved in Cam Dine With Me.

I’ve wanted to get a little more involved in Access this year, and to start that off, I did a school tour this term for year 9 and 10 students at my college, persuading them to apply. I’ve applied to participate in a Shadowing Scheme coming up soon as well, which should be fun.”

Kayden Xie: Second year at Homerton College, Cambridge reading Natural Sciences.