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Jason Marshall

November 2018

Second year at Clare College, Cambridge reading English.

“For the past month or so I have paid a weekly visit to Hills Road Sixth Form in Cambridge, where I have taught Practical Criticism and conducted mock-interviews for Oxbridge English applicants. I have often questioned whether I would like to teach or not, and I considered this outreach opportunity a great way of gaining experience and knowledge of the sector, whilst also benefiting people from a similar background to my own. This endeavour has proved one of the most exciting and fulfilling activities I have had the pleasure to undertake; working with like minded people who benefit from my knowledge and ways of approaching problems has been so fulfilling, and, moreover, being able to provide help in a way that I know I and my friends would have benefited from is something I am immensely proud to be able to do.

Outreach for the top universities was relatively poor in my area, but any lack of outreach from the institutions themselves was entirely made up for by the work of Linacre, which far exceeded any expectation I could have had. While a member of the Linacre cohort, I found that the ways in which the Institute teaches intensively in small groups of students and prepares them for interview through mocks with subject experts to be key features of the programme. The effectiveness of the mock interviews is undeniable; they helped me immensely during my personal preparation for the application process two years ago, the extent to which they helped actually being one of my main motivations behind involving myself in this particular outreach work.

In applying the formatting of classes and mock-interviews I attended during my time at Linacre to the work I am currently undertaking I feel as though I have been able to give the students at Hills Road accurate, and somewhat helpful, preparation should they be called to interview. This is certainly a line of work I should like to pursue in the future, and I am immensely grateful to The Linacre Institute in giving me the necessary groundwork to pursue this passion.”

Jason Marshall: Second year at Clare College, Cambridge reading English.