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The progression of students [to the next stage of education] will be the focus of the future accountability system

The success of the cohort who went to university in September 2015 is unprecedented... the sixth form team would want to acknowledge the role that Linacre played in this.

Wales High School, Rotherham

We partner with schools in northern England to help students reach world-class universities. They are seven times more likely to make that leap successfully than a comparable cohort according to Ucas. In a ‘destinations focussed’ Ofsted inspection regime, Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster and others have said we make a “transformative” difference. Several partner schools posted record A Level results after beginning work with us.

We currently have a very limited number of places for new partner schools. To enquire further click here.

What we provide

Linacre - Reach Higher

Partner schools have access to places on a student programme our partner schools have called “beyond outstanding”.

Linacre - Partnerships

Partnerships builds expertise throughout your school or college through:

Who's eligible?

Comprehensive schools in northern England are eligible if they are in an area where fewer than 15% of university-goers reach leading institutions. Many parts of northern England qualify. To find out if your school is eligible, apply here.

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