Impact - Recent Feedback

What 2017-18 Reach Higher scholars said

Without a doubt one of the best experiences that have ever been presented to me.

The trip was amazing! The quality of teaching was outstanding. After some incredibly inspirational physics lectures, I have decided that I would love to apply for physics at Cambridge. I definitely feel as though I have a greater chance at receiving offers at the top universities.

One talk on the train back could have changed my entire future plans and set me in a better stead for life. For that I will be forever grateful.

It inspired me to apply for more competitive Universities with the hope of a similar experience.

The teaching was outstanding. It felt very personal yet also challenging and realistic of the standard needed for top universities.

A highly stimulating week, which has given me a heightened level of motivation and has significantly raised my aspirations for the future.

Being in the capital and talking to past Linacre students, as well as people who work in places such as the Treasury, has enabled me to see how my preconceptions about being from a Northern state school applying to the top universities were wrong.

I absolutely loved the week in Cambridge. The teaching was stretching but discussing the methods behind problems made the problems seem much more do-able.

I feel much more prepared and confident. Spending time with so many other people who are passionate about their subject increased the motivation levels of everyone else and there was never a dull conversation.

Being a part of the Linacre Institute has been an honour. It has really helped to motivate me as it provides a fantastic insight to some of the things I can achieve with great grades.

The London residential was an incredible experience, especially spending it with other students who are so passionate about the course they want to do.

What I enjoyed the most about the teachers was you could tell they were very passionate about the subject, and they wanted you to be too. Competitive universities now seem within my reach … It was a pleasure to be there.

The passion each Linacre student has for their subject is mind-blowing and you can never fail to have an interesting conversation.

During my first residential with Linacre I’ve realised that yes, I do have potential. After visiting London, I feel I’m going to be able to rise up to the challenge and aim high with my choices.

There was a real family atmosphere within the house and the classroom

What an incredible week! The Big Ideas residential really allowed me to develop my understanding of the wider world

The week was amazing, and an incredible opportunity. The teaching quality was top-class and I found myself in difficult and challenging lessons which I wouldn’t normally receive at my own school.

I would definitely recommend the residential to anyone looking to go and challenge themselves as well as making new friends.

This week at Trinity Hall massively changed my plans for the future.

My teacher was from one of the highest performing schools in the country – she really challenged me to think critically. I was able to meet other like-minded individuals, some of whom I will remain good friends with.

It allows you to see that the people who are applying to Oxbridge are just nice, normal, yet incredibly bright, young people; and that really helps.

All around great. Well planned, well organised and full of interesting people and thought provoking discussions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching, particularly when it came to questioning WHY my subject was important. It gave me the confidence to pursue my ambitions, knowing that others in the same situation as myself would be doing so. A unique and unforgettable experience.

Linacre has motivated me to work even harder to try and achieve a place at a competitive university and it has given me hope that this could be within my reach. I feel very grateful for being given such an amazing opportunity.

Now I feel I have the skills to cope with the difficult or abstract problems.

The teaching was absolutely top class and they helped push our minds in order to explore new ideas more than we believed was possible.

I found the Cambridge residential truly inspiring. Being in such an academic immersive atmosphere for that amount of time has given me the motivation needed to work hard in my final year of school. The trip fully convinced me that Oxbridge isn’t just for the private school applicant.

After the first day I had a bad head from how hard I had worked. The hard work in lessons is what made this one of the best experiences in my life.

Both helpful and inspiring. It has definitely given me more confidence about applying to top universities.

I am now certain that I wish to apply to Cambridge. Having mock interviews was a great way to finish the week as I had spent the whole of the week enhancing my confidence and it gave me a true insight as to what to expect when the time comes in December.

The teaching was outstanding and I found that I was pushed beyond my comfort zone in every lesson I had. This is something I found fascinating and it helped me understand that Cambridge is not beyond my capabilities should I continue to push myself.