Impact - Case Studies

Cameron Osborne

Burnside College, Wallsend
Modern Languages student at Trinity College, Cambridge

Cameron is one of our 2016-17 students. He went to school in Wallsend, an ex-shipbuilding area on Tyneside. He is about to start studying Modern Languages at Trinity College, Cambridge.

He says, “All of this very much seemed to be a pipe dream at the age of ten, when I first seriously determined that I wanted to study at Cambridge, and it appeared perhaps even more so for my parents. What were the real chances of a boy from Wallsend achieving that?

Thanks to the help of Linacre that fantasy became reality. For me, education can never be encapsulated in just books, classrooms or buildings, no matter how beautiful or nuanced they are. It is the people; the new discoveries; the realisation of dreams that really make education what it is. So thank you. Thank you for allowing me to follow my educational coming of age with Linacre, and to become who I am today.”

Ashleigh Weir

Wales High School, Rotherham
English student at Downing College, Cambridge

Ashleigh comes from an area in the bottom 18% in England for progression to leading universities. She was a Linacre student in 2014-15.

She says: “Beforehand, competitive universities seemed out of my reach. What really changed my attitude were the people we were introduced to throughout, many of whom had studied at Oxbridge despite having come up through state schools. For the first time, Oxbridge seemed a lot less like some unattainable destination.

I found I began to see Literature from a whole new perspective, and it gave me a fresh appreciation of the subject. I found myself saying things – really intelligent things, that I wouldn’t have dreamed could have come out of my mouth just a couple of months before!

The Linacre Institute has opened my eyes to a lot of new and exciting possibilities with regards to the future. Friendships have been formed which I hope will last for years to come; it was amazing to spend time with such lovely, hilarious and like-minded people. It was really encouraging to be in a room full of people whose innate passion and flair for the subject matched your own.

I felt inspired. I was left itching to get to university, and what’s more, it seemed so much more achievable. The Linacre Institute acted as a springboard to help propel us into the best position when applying for top universities. I utterly loved every single moment of the experience.”

Kayden Xie

Burnside College, Wallsend
Natural Sciences student at Homerton College, Cambridge

Kayden is also one of our 2016-17 cohort. His Linacre tutor from Westminster School said this about him: “Kayden is one of the most curious and thoughtful students I have met, and he is demonstrably passionate about science. That he has such potential and intellectual prowess and remains so modest, understated and utterly engaged in scientific conversations is testament to his mature and reflective personality.”

Kayden says: “ I really can’t begin to even express how thankful I am for this opportunity. The experience has truly been so precious that I almost feel bad for being one of the lucky few to be a part of the scheme. It has helped me in so many ways, and I feel ready now to apply everything that I’ve gained to take the next steps to world class universities.”

Jason Marshall

Netherthorpe School, Staveley
English student at Clare College, Cambridge

Jason attended Netherthorpe School in the north Derbyshire coal-belt.

He says: “This was the single greatest experience of my life so far! The teaching was intense and pushed me really hard but that’s why it was so enjoyable; I’d never experience anything like that at school.

“The location was simply beautiful and there has not been a greater motivation in my life than this residential. The other students are fantastic and I have made friends for life. We would spend hours discussing topics concerning philosophical and scientific questions and we would all have the same level of passion and enjoyment and that is something I could only experience with these people.

“This has made me realise what I want from my life and I have never felt more excited for the future. It has made me realise how hard I want to work to achieve my dreams and it has showed me that I can do it and I am capable and it’s just so exciting.”

Lydia Jackson

Ossett Academy, West Yorkshire
English student at the University of Warwick

Lydia is from Ossett, a small town in one of the country’s major social-mobility cold spots.

She says: “I left captivated by a subject more than I thought possible. Something I don’t think can be taught, but rather inspired through teaching. The only thank you left is that addressed to the Institute, simply because you’ve changed the way I view myself, my future and my love for literature. I’ll never forget a moment of it.”