Individual supporters

We rely on small grants and donations. These have already made a life-changing difference to many students, and all donations – whether of money or expertise – are profoundly appreciated.

It costs us around £780 – or £65 a month – to put a student through the whole Reach Higher programme. This has three parts:

We work hard to offer excellent value. Using volunteers and negotiating discounts means Reach Higher costs us about a third of the usual cost price. So every pound donated goes three times further.

Linacre Champions

Those who contribute £65 a month or more cover the full cost of putting a student through Reach Higher and become Linacre Champions. This is a unique chance to:

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Corporate and trust supporters

In 2017-18 we are looking to form partnerships with businesses and trusts which support our aims. Many of our students go on to world-class universities and show exactly the kind of independence and get-up-and-go that businesses are looking for. Click here to find out more.