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Our Values

Our support is:

Long-term and personal

On Reach Higher, we offer far more than just a glimpse of the spires. We are with students every step of the way, from Year 12 to arrival at university – and beyond. Our intensive, on-going support is unique, and it works. The same applies to our relationships with schools (Linacre – Partner Schools): we look to form hubs of expertise within schools so that many students benefit over a long period.

I can honestly say that Linacre has been the best experience of my life and it continues to support me long after the summer. The ongoing tutor system has been the most supportive part of all. In my AS results I scraped a C in Physics. Then I was introduced to my tutor – she is my Physics guardian angel! With her guidance and help my confidence has grown exponentially. I’m proud to say I’m now consistently getting As.

Linacre student, 2016-17, from Wakefield


We believe first-class subject experts are best suited to stretching very able young people. Our exceptional teachers, from the UK’s leading schools and universities, inspire by balancing support and challenge – exploring new angles and ways of thinking.

I left Cambridge captivated by a subject more than I thought possible; something I don’t think can be particularly taught, but rather, inspired in teaching. I felt fulfilled, motivated, and completely in love with the method and setting of learning that will hopefully shape the next three years of my education.

Linacre student, 2016-17, from Wakefield

Aimed at achievement not just aspiration

Many access schemes aim to raise aspiration. Fewer can point to a record of success like Linacre’s.

It seemed to be a pipe dream at the age of ten, when I first seriously determined that I wanted to study at Cambridge, and it appeared perhaps even more so for my parents. What were the real chances of a boy from my home-town achieving that? Thanks to the help of Linacre that fantasy became reality.

Linacre student, 2016-17, from Newcastle

Designed to nurture confidence

You opened our young people's eyes to a wider, more vibrant world of opportunity than they have been able to see before

Parent of 2016-17 Reach Higher student

We believe our scholars have the talent to reach our top universities – and their results bear this out. We help students develop the same belief in themselves.

The biggest change has been in my attitude towards my own ability and potential. In the past I have doubted myself. I had a mentality of 'why me?'. I felt that I wasn't as deserving of fantastic opportunities as other people.
But since achieving a place with the Institute and receiving all the support and encouragement that I have from a range of people, I have realised that with hard work and dedication, I am capable of really anything that I set my mind to.

Linacre student, 2016-17, from north Derbyshire

Rooted in a community of curiosity based on friendship and fun

Students form life-long friendships. And they come to see some of our most successful professionals and academics as friends and colleagues. Linacre is above all a family based on shared intellectual excitement.

Friendships have been formed which I hope will last for years to come; it was amazing to spend time with such lovely, hilarious and like-minded people.