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Linacre Champions

We are looking for 100 champions of social mobility to give 100 students a fair chance of the university education they deserve.

The problem at northern comprehensives is severe. Many have never sent a student to a world-class university. The South East sends proportionally four times as many as the North. Take two students with exactly the same grades, and the one at a private school is still twice as likely to reach a world-class university.

In 2014 we started working on this. Students called our pilot project “life-changing”; Hall Cross School in Doncaster said it was “beyond outstanding”. Our staff have already had great success with students like Victoria (pictured) who went from school in Staveley in north Derbyshire (pictured) to Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

Now we need your help. We are looking for 100 sponsors to give 100 northern students a fair chance.

Champions contribute £25 a month to provide a scholarship which will make a life-changing difference. Equally importantly, they contribute their experience and expertise.

Pass something on

Your donation will provide accommodation or tuition costs for a named student, allowing him or her to be taught in inspirational places by inspiring people, and dramatically increasing his or her chances of reaching our top universities.

Have fun

Each year we hold an exclusive drinks event for Champions at which the acclaimed author and broadcaster Peter Hennessy will give an annual review of ‘What’s happening in Westminster?’

Give something back

Linacre Scholarships can be named for a mentor of your choice, someone who helped you fulfil your own potential. They are therefore a unique way of honouring someone who helped as you started out.

Donations are tax deductible, so for a higher-rate tax-payer the net cost is £18.75 a month.

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We remain a small charity and only want to grow at a pace that lets us keep up our high standards. We rely on grants and donations. Your help allows us to achieve steady growth and help even more talented pupils. Thank you.

Pass it on. Not for me, not for you, but for someone, somewhere, one day. Pass it on…

Alan Bennett, The History Boys

Trinity Hall, Cambridge

Former Linacre student Victoria at Trinity Hall, Cambridge


Victoria went to school in Staveley, North Derbyshire