The charity helping northern state students reach our best universities


We aim to develop partnerships with schools in the north of England, initially in south and east Yorkshire and in north Derbyshire.

Benefits for schools

Outstanding stretch and challenge for able students

Recent students have described working with our teachers as “amazing”, “inspiring” and “deeply enriching”. Students will study familiar topics in more depth, and from new angles. They will place existing knowledge in the broader story of the evolution of ideas, making links to other areas of thought. They will master areas beyond the A Level curriculum. We put a particular emphasis on justifying thoughts orally and critically assessing ideas.

An unrivalled record in helping students reach world-class universities

Our teachers and mentors have exceptional records in helping able students achieve their goals. Many have guided more than 60% of their Oxbridge candidates to winning offers, against a national average of 20%. A recent student from one of Derbyshire’s poorest areas, now at Cambridge, described the help of our staff as “instrumental”.

Inspirational people and places to broaden students’ horizons

Students will take part in workshops and seminars led by leading professionals, including diplomats, journalists, lawyers, teachers and academics. They will meet these people as equals, and in a range of inspiring places, such as Parliament or the offices of a national newspaper.

Free training and advice to develop a member of staff as an in-house expert

We offer a day’s training on what the most competitive universities want, including expert advice from ex admissions tutors. We are also on hand to answer queries throughout the year.

Access to a network of outstanding speakers and experts to visit your school

Our trustees and ambassadors include a former private secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister, one of the country’s leading historians, and the chief executive of the Sydney Opera House – among many others. We can help arrange visits and talks to boost your extra-curricular provision.

Help with attracting very able sixth formers to your school

In an increasingly competitive sixth-form environment, we believe we can help make you stand out and attract very able students. We are happy to set up a stand at sixth form open evenings.

The success of the cohort who went to university in September 2015 is unprecedented at the school and the sixth form team would want to acknowledge the role that Linacre played in this.