The charity helping northern state students reach our best universities

About Us


The Linacre Institute was founded in January 2014. We aim to help talented and disadvantaged students at northern comprehensives fulfil their potential by reaching our most competitive universities - where they are currently very under-represented.

Why we’re needed

Even among students with the same A Level grades, the one at a private school is twice as likely to reach a highly selective university than the one at a comprehensive. London and the South East have roughly the same population as the whole of the north of England but send more than three times as many students to the ancient universities. In the words of a current head of a Yorkshire sixth form, many schools lack “the time and expertise” to address this problem. We aim to fill this gap.

Days like today really make you think 'I can get there'.

Doncaster sixth-former on Linacre event


Reach Higher will feature summer schools hosted by Westminster School, London and Trinity Hall Cambridge, led by exceptional teachers. Students will be taught knowledge and skills which will stretch them beyond the curriculum and prepare them to take their part in the world’s intellectual conversation.

The programmes will also include workshops in inspirational places such as Parliament and national newspapers, led by top figures from the professions. Uniquely, we will also give support throughout the sixth form, offering subject master-classes, mentoring, and guidance with university applications.